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Mixing the old with the new – the Cornucopia way!

Godhadi ( Go-dha-di) a term used to define pieces of cloth sewn together by hand to make a gorgeous quilt. But for us at Cornucopia the term Godhadi represents that and so much more. It symbolises all that we stand for and believe in. A godhadi is generally made from left over scraps of cloth. […]


2017, We love you!! 2018, bring it on!

Generally, when I sit down to write the last post of the year, it somehow always turns out as this really depressing, dark, macabre reflection of the 12 months gone by. It’s been tough to write about anything positive. But not this year (yay!) . While the year has had its share of downs it’s […]

Everything is possible... you just have to push through!

World Environment Day 2017

‘If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito’.– The Dalai Lama Are we only dependent on our leaders to ratify agreements to conserve the environment? NO! Although that would be perfect, we need to realize that we too have the POWER in our hands to make a difference. […]

Cushion covers made from old doggie clothes

All wrapped up in love!

Change is the only constant in life right? In today’s fast paced world everything is moving and transforming at such a rapid rate. Corner-shops that existed for years are converted into fast-food chains overnight – city landscapes are ever changing – just like life.  I find this very disturbing and find myself grabbing at last […]


Waking up the Indian recycler!

Our grandfather- Mr. P.S. Vaidya Our grandfather, was a man of utmost poise, grace and dignity. A man with a fantastic sense of humour and at the same time – a man of a few words. His actions always spoke louder. You could tell the time with his meticulous routine. We had so much to […]