What got us started

It all started with a trunk. For years we had been saving all our ‘never to be thrown’ keepsake clothes in this old trunk back home. Year after year there would be additions, until the mother put her foot down and ordered a spring cleaning. We still couldn’t part with them. Some reminded us of our wild carefree ( and thin) days while others were fond memories of roommates that we shared almost everything with. That’s when it hit us that… we can have our cake and eat it too! We cut up all those clothes and made a bright and colourful patchwork quilt! 8 years later – it’s still going strong. And each time we use it, we get taken back to our happy place.

This snowballed into something we didnt quite expect. Friends, relatives gave us their keepsakes and it just didnt stop. Sarees, kurtas, t-shirts , dupattas – we repurposed them all. What started off as spring cleaning has become somewhat of a mission for us.

What’s the mission? To get people to look at their possessions in a new light. To rethink their consumption patterns. Through our products, we encourage people to try and extend the life- cycle of their clothes. Those clothes that they just don’t want to part with, those clothes that just can’t be donated. And Cornucopia is just that – it’s a way of life that we aim to achieve. A way of life that is not just based on consumption, but on balanced consumption. Where you give when you take. Through our products and practices we aim to provide sustainable alternatives to everyday utility items. No, we are not reinventing the wheel – we are just making sure it keeps moving in the right direction.

We aim to work on the principles of fair trade, environment sustainability and easy to access and environmentally safe alternatives to plastic. We are on a mission, and would love to have you jump on board!

Love, Ayesha and Manisha




Poles apart. That would describe our founders best. Siblings generally are polar opposites and the same holds true for Ayesha and Manisha ( apart from the rhyming names i.e.!) Diverse personalities, diverse interes and diverse cities. But, there is one thing that got them on the same page ( surprisingly!) …. their profession. Both Ayesha and Manisha are professional Social Workers who have been working in the development sector for over 15 years. While Ayesha’s area of interest has been health and HIV; Manisha has been more inclined towards communication for development. Ayesha has worked with communities in Bombay, Bangalore, Gurgaon, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco on issues related to community Health, Substance Abuse and Education. While Manisha has worked on issues related to Trafficking, Rural Development , Waste-pickers ,Waste management, Content writing, as well as Community Outreach (whew!)

So, when this power packed duo decided to get together to do something you know it’s going to be good. Cornucopia was born out of a need – a need to create something sustainable. Sustainability is a concept that is the very foundation of Cornucopia. Whether it is sourcing local material or re-purposing products – attention is given to each tiny detail.

Sometimes being poles apart helps – it helped create this fantastic enterprise – Cornucopia – A way of life.