Generally, when I sit down to write the last post of the year, it somehow always turns out as this really depressing, dark, macabre reflection of the 12 months gone by. It's been tough to write about anything positive. But not this year (yay!) . While the year has had its share of downs it's also had something beautiful. Cornucopia. We were born this year. The year just has to be good right?! It was good and then it was better and then... well you know the drill.... It was the best!

While we always knew we ( the sister and me) wanted to do something we believed in, something that we were truly passionate about, we never ever thought ( not even in wildest nightmares!) that we would do it together. Never. It was not even a faintest idea. But then, out of the blue, we found common ground ( that happens to sisters sometimes) and magic happened. Cornucopia happened. And how. We spent a several hours discussing the name of the company. Was 'Cornucopia' too difficult to pronounce? Did the logo need to change? After many such discussions we decided to go keep the name. We still get calls " Hello? Corputopia? " But that's okay. :) They are really entertaining.

Excitement. Anxiety. Nervousness. Insomnia. Exhilaration. All became permanent best friends. We were lucky to get featured in so many publications, this not only got the word out, it got the work going too. We got introduced to so many wonderful people who shared their beautiful stories with us. We became a part of their lives. They brought with them their gorgeous keepsakes and fantastic ideas. With each order we grew a little more, we learnt a little more and our creativity blossomed. We are ever so grateful to each and every one of our customers who nudged us to go beyond our comfort zone and experiment with something new. Thank you.

We end this year brimming with gratitude and a new found energy to take on 2018 with open arms.